“The ore is awakened from its thousands of years sleep beneath tons of soil. First it was tested with fire, then crushed under cylinders… To find the perfect form, it was cut, rasped, broken into hundreds of pieces… To complete each other, the pieces were united with a pinpoint light fire. To glow with magnificence, it bowed down to brushes… It was ready as a bride now, to transfix itself to the heart of her lover, the diamond, which had waited for her under the earth for 900 million years and shined with a cutter…”

Jewellery, as old as the history of humanity, can briefly be defined as ornaments which are formed by precious ores shaped according to the human body and taste and decorated with precious stones.

For thousands of years, jewellery has been used by humans for various purposes; either to provide talismanic protection, or as an indication of social status, or as witness for pleasant times.

Jewellery artisanship as an ancient art had been precious for centuries. The masters had hidden their disciplines as secrets. This secret has been only given to those “deserving” it with their labour, patience and care for art. The secret of success of master-apprentice relationship in the historical process stems from this.

At Mahrec Sanatevi, Jewellery and Ornament Production Workshop Training is given in a class of 5 pupils as theoretical and practical trainings. Training of all students is performed as one to one.

In the jewellery production workshop, where the attentiveness of master-apprentice training is synthesised with modern training programmes with the rigour of a jeweller, from time to time other masters of jewellery from the Grand Bazaar are also hosted by workshops and seminars.

Here, beyond being only an ornament design workshop, boutique jewellery production is also made. Majority of the students produce their own jewellery collections during the training process.

The courses are total 256 hours, given under the mentorship of Hraç Arslanyan, one of the most significant representatives of Istanbul Grand Bazaar jewellery école in our day.


  • *Assistant master: 160 hours
  • *Master: 96 hours
  • Total: 256 hours