It is an art to sell jewellery as much as making it.

Which ornament will be marketed to which client and how?

How should the ornaments be exhibited; how shall the show case order be?

Which client likes which ornament?

In short, you may find the best answers to questions such as “HOW TO BECOME JEWELLER or HOW CAN I OPEN A JEWELLERY SHOP?” in our Retail Showcase Jewellery Training.

We teach artisanship not from books but from lived experience.

The tips about Retail Showcase Jewellery, professional mathematical formulae are given by active training associated by years of experience and contribution of international literature. In short, during this training process fine details of the kitchen of the profession are explained.

Within the training packet;

  • Field Study
  • Workshop Study
  • Experience sharing (knowhow)
  • Visits of wholesale artisans
  • Visits of retail artisans
  • Training time: 80 hours