Like in various branches of art, also in the jewellery ornament design and production there are different working disciplines and applications. These produce different processes both by the material used and also by the application techniques of such materials.

While creating a pleasant ornament, classical manufacturing methods require direct metalworking in the crafting process. Due to the improvements in technology, new production materials such as wax have started to be used in jewellery art. Wax modelling is a method that allows the use of wax to start the manufacturing process; instead of starting out directly with the metal.

In this training process, first the detailed model of the ornament is prepared. This model is then used as a template for the “lost-wax” casting method and metal product is achieved. As with professional manufacturing methods, wax model making is an easier way to start for the newcomers, especially in the hobby studies of the women; it allows for a practical use, and results in unique ornaments.

Training time: 48 hours