December 13, 2018


IMG_0101“The ore is awakened from its slumber of thousands of years deep within the earth. It is tested with fire first, then crushed beneath cylinders. To find the perfect form, it is cut, filed, broken into hundreds of pieces. To make whole, pieces are brought together under fire. To glow with magnificence, it bowed down to brushes. It is ready now, waiting for the diamond, its partner in elegance, to be set into its heart.”

Jewelry may briefly be defined as small decorative items to be worn for personal adornment, often made with precious metals that are usually combined with gemstones. For thousands of years, jewelry has been worn by humans for various purposes; to provide talismanic protection, as a social status, or as a symbol of personal meaning.

Whatever the purpose of buying or wearing jewelry may be, due to the rarity of the materials used and the required level of mastery of the craft, jewelry has always been considered valuable. As such, the intricacies of jewelcrafting has been protected by the masters and only passed on to others possessing the required skills and respect to the craft itself. Thus, the master-apprentice structure has endured throughout centuries.

We, as pursuers of the craft with love and patience at Mahrec, are devoted to sharing this knowledge that we have obtained from our masters with our students.

The workshops at Mahrec Art House were born at the heart of the workshop that Hraç Arslanyan had founded in 1986. With Arslanyan’s expertise and experience within the Grand Bazaar’s jewelry circles, Mahrec has become more than a place of education for jewelcrafting and jewelry design. Throughout the years, this workshop continues to breathe the same air of passion for jewelcrafting. We are educating new masters that have the same passion at our workshop.

Specializing in crafting boutique jewelry, our workshop reflects the same exclusive attitude towards the students. At the workshop, up to 10 students take one-on-one lessons from masters of the craft.

Our workshop brings together the intricacies of the master-apprentice relationship with modern education methods with workshops and seminars from other jewelcrafting masters of the Grand Bazaar.

*Journeyperson workshops: 160 hours

*Mastery workshops: 96 hours

*Total: 256 hours